10 Highest Paying Jobs In United States That Do Not Require College Degree !!


Student debt is now at an all-time high. If you thought only thorough a four-year degree can you get a high paying job, then you are wrong? There are several great career options that can get you good pay without having to go through a regular four-year college degree.

Here are 10 highest paying jobs in the United States that do not require a college degree.

10Medical Records Technician (Annual Salary $38040)

This job requires you to manage health-related information and records accurately either through an electronic medium or through traditional papers. As this job is in the health industry, with more experience your pay can rise and this does not require a four-year college degree.  However, do note that you will have to undergo certification to get this job because it requires specialized skills and knowledge about medical records classification, guidelines and is a fairly high responsibility-job. You can check online for medical records technician certification programs in your area and if the job requirement appeals to you, enrol for the certification and start a lucrative career as a medical records technician.



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