10 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth!


Childbirth – typically, what comes to mind is the immense amount of pain combined with unbridled happiness and love that comes from giving birth to your bundle of joy. That being said, your friends, mothers, and grandmothers sometimes hide a few things from the mother-to-be.

Of course, they have their reasons not to tell you. Possibly to save you from knowing certain unfortunate things or they just do not want to scare you, because some truths about giving birth are downright gross and weird.

Want to really be prepared and know what to expect? Read the 10 things no one tells you about giving birth.

10The ‘Number 2’ Feeling


This point may be a little shocking, but you ought to know. While giving birth, you know how everyone yells, “push, push!” Well, while pushing, you will feel the need to use the toilet. Because of all the pushing and pressure, you have no control over the need to run to the toilet. Don’t worry though, if this happens, the nurses and whoever else is in your care will act as if nothing happened.



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