6 Super Spicy South Korean Dishes – And Eating Tips!


Our main goal: Find the spiciest, most lip-consuming, tongue-burning, stomach-searing dish in South Korea. Why? Strange as it may sound, for some, Koreans flavor is therapy. There’s something shockingly cathartic about feeling like your mind is on fire. In a nation where extraordinary zest is considered as essential as salt and pepper, a common reaction to “I’m so worried” is: “We should go wolf down something awfully spicy.” Rating the dishes from one to five, here are the seven stages to be a genuine Korean zest eater.

6Buldak (Fire chicken)

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This flavorful grilled chicken dish shrouded in bean stew stacked sauce turned out to be enormously well known a couple of years prior when the Korean economy was experiencing an unpleasant time. (Understand about Koreans and flavor therapy?) Buldak started off a pattern for phenomenally hot dishes in Korea and it stays mainstream at numerous bars – joined by a chilly lager, of course. The buldak-brew combo is known as chimaek. If you need to tone down the warmth, request buldak encompassed by a ring of mozzarella cheddar to soften away the hopelessness.

Social heat: You can appreciate buldak, comment upon how hot it is and still have an ordinary discussion. Great to share when making up for lost time with an old companion.



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