7 Unexpected Ways Anger Is Damaging Your Health

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Every time you get angry, your body rages with you so your pulses race, your mind scrambles, your blood boils, and your shoulders tense. Obviously, something is negatively impacting your health and wellbeing. Dangerously, this can often be deadly if you let it overwhelm you. So why lose your life over unmanaged and suppressed anger?

To get a handle on your rage and taste the power of being in control, you need to fully understand the consequences of unchecked anger and where it may lead you.



When a part of our body starts to hurt, it means that it’s sending you a signal that something is wrong! Headaches can be a result of tension and stress and it turns to throb migraines when you suppress your anger. Relax, calm down.

Breathe deeply to help your brain get enough doses of Oxygen. According to scientists, anger negatively affects specific areas of your brain. Periodically, it is fine, but having them on a regular basis is quite dangerous.


Sleep disturbance

Anger can simply disturb your need to rest due to the amount of stress and anxiety it causes. The longer you sit alone with your angry brain remembering all that raged you, the more you need to sleep decreases. The racing thoughts will boil your blood even more and your body won’t calm down, and it is necessary to be completely calm in order to sleep.

To avoid these problems, stop going to bed angry, practice any activity, or talk to someone you trust. Lack of sleep will soon develop many psychological and physical issues, and with rage problems, your body may suffer from serious issues that you don’t want to welcome into your life.


Heart attack

Those who get angry frequently are most likely to triple their chances of having a heart attack. Anger causes the heartbeats to race and the blood to run faster than usual, and being put in this situation frequently will lead to a heart problem.

Studies reveal that when the heart experiences a combination of the stress hormone, lack of rest, and strong tension it will increase the chances of a heart attack. After all, anger is a normal feeling that humans must experience during their lifetime, but if it was unmanaged, the problems will start to rise and heart risks will become more common.


High blood pressure

Unsolved fights can lead the stress hormone to rush into your blood which causes a high blood pressure, and with time, it will damage your blood vessels and cause many health issues. Blood pressure can cause a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and many more.

Your brain, your heart, your lungs and every part of your body depends on a nourishing blood to receive what they need in order to work efficiently. But, in case of a high blood pressure, there will be many health complications. Don’t risk your heart and brain, manage your anger and be aware of all the consequences before you regret it.



A stroke identifies as “brain attack” and it happens when the blood flows to a specific area of the brain that is cut off. Studies found that after anger burst, the person is at risk of having a stroke by three times only after two hours if the anger was not controlled.

Strokes cause many issues to the brain and the body, if a person had a small stroke, it may lead to a temporary weakness in the arms or legs. But, if the person had a massive stroke, it may then permanently paralyze one side of his body or even lose the ability to communicate.



Anger and depression are strongly linked, particularly in men. When the anger is suppressed, depression takes place and it glooms up anyone struggling with lack of “happiness”. Depression damages our health and it may also drive people into a deadly ending. In the United States, there are 44,965 people who took their own life because of depression.

In order to help yourself from such a dark path, attempt doing any activity that will fill your mind and put your focus on the moment, instead of focusing on what triggers your anger and depression. To sum it up, just stay busy and don’t give a room for your brain to think too much.


Shortens your life

We often hear “happy people live longer”, but is this statement true? A study by the University of Michigan found that couples who suppress their anger have a shorter lifespan than couples who open up and express their anger. It is tightly linked to our physical state, and if it was not controlled or managed, then you are shortening your lifespan.

If you are not comfortable showing your negative emotions, then you can work on your anger with a therapist, or you can join a support group or work on expressing yourself alone. A professor of psychiatry and psychology advises to understand and identify what triggers our anger, then figure out a way to positively change the response.


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