8 Career Mistakes You Are Probably Making Right Now Without Realizing. Start Noticing Them!


Building a successful career takes a lot of time and effort. Though you might think it’s just a matter of hard work, perseverance and patience in building successful careers, there is a lot more to career advancement than what meets the eye. For career advancement, it is important to avoid common mistakes that people make without even realizing they are career-related blunders.

Here are 8 career mistakes to avoid:

8Not Updating Skills

Firstly, it is very important to update the skills that make you employable. In case your company decides to lay off the workforce you should be in a position to quickly land another job or better have multiple offers from other companies because your skills are up to date. You can consider doing certification programs such as Project Management Professional (PMP) or Six Sigma which will help you better your chances of getting employed.



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