Heading To The US? Here Are 7 Beauty Brands With Some Amazing Products You Might Want To Pick Up While You’re There!!!


A journey to the United States can take more than a full 24 hour day, so I like to make sure that when I do make such a trip, I make the most of it. That includes buying all the amazing and affordable cosmetics and beauty products that I can, while also getting my hands on things that are tedious to acquire from home.

You might want to plan some of these buys in advance and have them delivered to your hotel or Airbnb in time for your arrival, especially if you don’t have too many days in a particular city.

7Beauty Bakerie

Known for its Lip Whips (matte lipsticks) that are budge-proof, Beauty Bakerie offers vegan-friendly and cruelty-free products that everyone would feel safe using. The brand’s founder was inspired to create products with ingredients that are safe – her experience with cancer triggered her to be more health-conscious – and gave women of color a makeup alternative. Although Sephora does carry its Lip Whips, it doesn’t have the rest of its products which have been highly raved about, especially their Flour setting powder. So be sure to pop into their quaint ‘bakery’ for more goods like eyeshadow palettes, mascaras, contour palettes and more!



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