How To Find A Low-Priced Plumber Who Won’t Rip You Off !!


The cost of plumbing repairs can vary widely depending on where you live. For example, in southern California, the cost of having a plumber fix a drain clog ranges from $75 to $250, depending on whom you call. To be sure that you don’t overpay, you’ll need to do your homework and be proactive. Don’t be afraid to call around and get different price quotes, no matter what the job. You should ask for an estimate of the cost before you hire a plumber for any job, big or small.

10Ask for Referrals

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Ask friends, family, and neighbours for recommendations of good plumbers they’ve hired. Word of mouth can be the best source for finding a reliable and reasonable plumber. Don’t overlook online directories, such as Angie’s List and others. They can be great sources for finding plumbers with good customer reviews. A local hardware store may also be able to recommend skilled plumbers in your area.



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