New Drugstore Beauty Launches We’re Already Obsessed With For 2018!!


Once upon a time, drugstores were the place to go to pick up a prescription, and maybe grab a body wash or mascara while you were at it. Not in 2018. The latest batch of drugstore beauty products fulfills every last one of your beauty routine needs, making the drugstore a veritable beauty shopping destination in its own right. Sure, you can still get your body wash and mascara (and totally revamped versions at that), but there are now way more goodies to play with: lip colors to satisfy every preference and mood, hard-working skin-care creams chock-full of dermatologist-approved ingredients, styling products for every hair type and texture. You can even score some K-Beauty favorites the next time you need to grab a roll of toilet paper. And, as to be expected, everything rings in with budget-friendly price tags. Translation: Go ahead and add all of these fabulous finds to your shopping list without ever having to worry about buyer’s remorse.



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